About Us

E3x Bio is the first company with exclusive focus on inhibitors and activators of E3 Ubiquitin (Ub) ligases for drug discovery and development.

This class of medically relevant enzymes is considered an important target for diseases ranging from cancer to neurodegeneration, but has been inaccessible to high-throughput drug screening because the current assays are cumbersome, indirect, and rely on a complex reaction mixture than can be complicated by multiple protein activities. E3X Bio’s streamlined screening paradigm and direct cellular and animal model assays, allow a simplified, pragmatic drug discovery approach to identify first-in-class small molecules specifically directed towards Ub E3 HECT ligases.

The founding scientific team has substantial prior drug development experience, including novel assets that are currently in human clinical studies:

  • Lori Rafield, PhD: CEO, founder
    Lori consults for both the biotechnology and device industries working with entrepreneurs to create and finance companies with both institutional and strategic partners. Lori was Managing Director at Apax Partners where she was the head of healthcare and responsible for developing a diversified healthcare investment strategy for a $250MM healthcare portfolio within a $1 billion fund.   Currently, she is the chairman of the board of Diadexus, a public cardiovascular risk diagnostic company and is a member of the GSK board for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases providing corporate and strategic business development expertise.
  • Paul Godowski, PhD: CSO, founder
    Previously to joining E3x Bio, Paul spent 22 years in drug discovery at Genentech. While his primary focus was identification and validation of novel targets, Paul has a broad range of experience in Technology Development, Immunology and Cancer Immunology. Paul led the Molecular Biology Department, as well as the Genentech Genomics program which successfully identified > 400 new secreted proteins and cell surface receptors. Paul was also a member of the management team that oversaw all aspects of Genentech Research, and has been an inventor on over 500 patents.
  • David Morgans, PhD: VP of Drug Discovery, founder
    Dave has a chemistry background with over 25 years of drug discovery and development expertise in pharma at Roche/Syntex and at early stage biotech companies Cytokinetics and Iconix. Dave has been responsible for the non-clinical aspects of pharmaceutical R&D from early drug discovery and optimization through pre-clinical development and manufacturing in support of clinical studies. He has led scientific and technical teams to produce 7 novel drug candidates that advanced to clinical trials in oncology and inflammatory, cardiovascular and neuromuscular disease.
  • Bill Harte, PhD: VP of Technology platforms, founder
    Bill has a chemistry background with over 25 years in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries at Bristol-Myers Squibb and Amgen.  He led Discovery Technologies at Amgen running multidisciplinary teams over 4 research sites and shared chemistry technical oversight of 9 INDs in oncology, inflammation, neuroscience, and diabetes.


Our Focus

  • Innovative screening method is a simple, one-step assay for inhibitors and activators. This technology removes the roadblocks to robust drug discovery for Ub Ligases.
  • Ub Ligases are proven to be critically involved in disease pathogenesis for oncology, inflammation and infectious disease
  • 1st in class drugs specifically targeted at Ubiquitin (Ub) ligases
  • Ub Ligases are poised to become the next new class of druggable targets, i.e., Kinases and GPCRs

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