E3X Bio recieves Grant from Thiel Foundation’s Breakout Labs

E3x Bio is the first company with exclusive focus on inhibitors and activators of E3 Ubiquitin (Ub) ligases for drug discovery and development. This class of medically relevant enzymes is considered an important target for diseases ranging from cancer to neurodegeneration, but has been inaccessible to high-throughput drug screening because the current assays are cumbersome, indirect, and rely on a complex reaction mixture than can be complicated by multiple protein activities. E3X Bio’s streamlined screening paradigm and direct cellular and animal model assays, allow a simplified, pragmatic drug discovery approach to identify first-in-class small molecules specifically directed towards Ub E3 HECT ligases.

The founding scientific team has substantial prior drug development experience, including novel assets that are currently in human clinical studies: CEO Lori Rafield, Ph.D., at Apax Partners; Paul Godowski, Ph.D., at Genentech; Dave Morgans, Ph.D., at Roche/Syntex and Cytokinetics; and, Bill Harte, Ph.D., at BMS and Amgen.

Breakout Labs is a project of the Thiel Foundation.

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